Hanging Laundry Bag

There are many ways to collect dirty clothes waiting for the next batch to be taken to the washing machine. Laundry hampers are still the most widely used household items designed for this purpose but more and more of us are replacing our old hampers with a hanging laundry bag.

A hanging laundry bag is just that, a "bag" designed to hold dirty clothes which, instead of taking up floor space, is hung up on a hook, a door knob, on the inside of a clothes closet door or any other place of convenience.

Advantages of the Hanging Laundry Bag

The ever increasing popularity of the hanging laundry bag is a result of numerous advantages this method of collecting laundry holds over the old fashioned hamper.

The most obvious of these advantages is the floor space which a regular hamper takes up and the hanging laundry bag does not.

Other advantages are a greater freedom in placing of our laundry collecting facility, the elimination of the nuisance of dust and other dirt collecting around a laundry hamper placed on the floor, better airing of laundry which may become musky with unpleasant odors if crammed together with sweat soaked clothes in a poorly ventilated hamper.

The hanging laundry bag may be hung from a hook especially installed for this purpose, it may also be hung from door knobs, the hanging bars in closets, towel hooks next to the shower or any other place of convenience.

Thanks to the little space the hanging laundry bag takes up it becomes possible to place such laundry collecting items in several places, each child's room for example, resulting in elimination of dirty clothes laying on the floor or bed.

Bring a Hanging Laundry Bag as a Gift

Since a hanging laundry bag comes in various designs utilizing many different materials it is easy to find one which suits any particular taste.

We are always looking for cool presents to bring friends, family or coworkers, why not bring a hanging laundry bag. It is just the type of item many would not think of buying but once they own one will quickly realize its many advantages and greatly appreciate our gift.