Office and Desk Accessories

Office and desk accessories include any item which can be naturally found in the office environment.
From the largest of common office accessories, such as the furniture itself, to the very tiniest of desktop utensils, such as a memo holder, office and desk accessories need to be there for a purpose. This is due to the fact that the office must usually adhere to an efficient look.

This is not to say that there cannot be any items present which serve only as decorative tidbits, but generally speaking, it is a good idea to consider very carefully if the office is really a proper place for them.

It is true that many of us find ourselves investing time, thought, effort and funds towards filling our place of business with items which together convey the message we want to send to potential business partners visiting. But over stacking an office with unnecessary office accessories is a sure way to slow business down.

How to Choose Office and Desk Accessories

Having said all of the above the question arises as to how best to choose accessories in order to both maintain the matter of fact, business like atmosphere but also to create a unique design statement showing a bit of what you are made of.

Here is a good tip to use as a rule of thumb when contemplating which accessories to opt for;
Always prefer items which are designed both as efficient tools but also posses sought after aesthetic qualities.

Most any designer will tell you that as far as office and desk accessories go ones which just don't belong, due to the fact that they do not serve any useful purpose, will only make an office seem tacky.
On the other hand well chosen items which are handy, cleverly designed (as to make them extra efficient) and also poses qualities making them attractive to look at are just the sort of items you should be looking for.

Office and desk accessories have the potential for becoming excellent gifts, such as on occasion of a business partner moving to a new office etc. It is a good idea to refrain from bringing items which are too far out of the ordinary; unless you are certain that you know what will appeal to the person the item is intended for.