Workplace Gifts

With each holiday season comes the sometimes daunting task of choosing workplace gifts.
Deciding if, what and who to give to may turn into a pretty stressful process.
We have gathered for you some tips that may help you cope better with this aspect of life at the office.

Although thought to be in decline the practice of gift giving at the workplace is still firmly rooted in many organizations It is estimated that 60% of managers choose to spread good cheer with their employees by arranging for them to receive gifts at major holidays. How much such managers choose to spend on workplace gifts varies greatly. In organizations which employ highly qualified (and accordingly highly paid) workers the average value of a gift for the holidays may rise as high as 100$. In "low tech" factories employing minimum wage workers an average holiday gift may cost as little as 4$.

Stress Free Workplace Gifts
choosing a gift is many times a challenging task. How much to spend? Will our gift be appreciated? There is always the risk that we end up just offending the gift's recipient.
These dilemmas seem to be amplified when it comes to workplace gifts.

Here are some ground rules which may help ease the stress:

  • Choose a budget and stick to it. Put an early end to this primary and essential decision. Once you know how much you are going to spend you will be very efficiently focused in your search.

  • If you are totally at a loss as to what to buy you can always resort to giving gift cards. You still have to choose an appropriate cash card. For example, it is not a good idea to give a personalized 50$ gift card for a wine shop to someone who does not themselves, nor do any members of their family, ever drink any alcohol.

  • Still, most people prefer to have the final choice left in their hands. Cash gift cards are always a favorite amongst workplace gifts.

  • Many shops specializing in workplace gifts also sell giftware online. Purchasing a gift card at such place can make it easier on the recipients to use.

  • Personalized gifts are in but personal gifts are out.
    It is never a good idea to choose personal items, such as perfume, lingerie or religious artifacts for workplace gifts.
    Personalized gifts such as monogrammed everyday practical items (from note cards to refrigerator magnets) are always well received.

Finally remember, holiday workplace gifts are intended ultimately to spread joy and to show that you care. Most people will appreciate the effort you go through.