Gifted - Elastic Ribbons

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Decorative Elastic Silicone Band
Anything can become a gift using our revolutionary Gifted bands !
Shaped like a ribbon, the flexible bands come in 2 sizes – so you get a total of 10 bands in one pack.
Upgrade your home gift wrapping efforts by using as an addition to standard wrapping paper.
Or even place a band directly on something and watch it become 'Gifted' as if by magic.
Handy to have about the house, with Gifted you can transform any item into a gift.
A Ribbon is worth a thousand words.
Made of Silicon.
Pack includes 10 bands in two sizes: 5pcs x 5cm and 5pcs x 8cm
Gifted has been selected for the 'FORM 2014, awarded with a certificate of excellence.

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5 cm and 8 cm

Gifted - Elastic Ribbons

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